MARKSMITH Titanium | The Best EDC Marker You'll Ever Own

Created by Daniel Bauen + Microfacturing

Carry the world's first titanium retractable permanent marker every day to make a bold statement on surfaces that a pen can't write on.

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MARKSMITH | How To Update Shipping Address
16 days ago – Thu, Jul 08, 2021 at 05:07:17 PM

I get this question a lot. So here are some videos on how to do just that on the Desktop or Mobile.

How To Update Shipping Address on Desktop

We used Backerkit for surveys, and therefore if you need to update your shipping address, it must be done through their interface. Here's a video of how to do it on the Desktop Computer. Scroll down for Mobile instructions, since the layout is different.

How To Update Shipping Address on Mobile Device

Here's a video of how to update your shipping address on a mobile phone or other mobile devices.

Thank you,

Daniel and Team Engineerable

MARKSMITH Shipping Update & Leave A Comment When You Get Yours!
16 days ago – Thu, Jul 08, 2021 at 04:49:16 AM

We've been shipping a lot of Marksmiths to backers since the last 2 updates. We continue to receive and ship Marksmith in batches, so it will still take a few weeks to ship them out to all backers. I expect shipping to be completed by the end of August. The Marksmiths are being shipped to us in batches so that we can continue to confirm the quality before more are shipped. So far so good!

You will receive a shipping confirmation email when your Marksmith ships.

 Please leave a comment when you receive yours!

We like to hear your feedback, and it's encouraging to hear that you are receiving them and they are awesome. We've shipped so many and yet heard from only a handful of new owners. It's probably a good sign to only hear a few good comments than a lot of negative ones because that means that the new owners are happy. I've found that most people only speak up if they have issues, but if things are good, they don't say anything.

So please leave a comment here when you receive yours:

We will make an update announcement once all Kickstarter rewards have shipped.

Until then, I would like to request that you please wait to ask "Where's my tracking", "I haven't received it yet", etc until after we have announced that all orders have shipped, by the end of August. Answering those questions consumes our limited resources as we focus on getting these out the door. If we haven't posted an update announcing that shipping is completed, and you have yet to receive a tracking number, then your order has not shipped yet.

International Shipments

International shipments are being sent out at the same time as domestic (US) shipments. The difference is that the international shipments get bulked shipped by UPS to a warehouse in a secret location and then distributed from there. The tracking numbers are sent to you when we create the labels, but there is at least a one-week delay before it starts to update, because it only updates after being sorted and shipped at the distribution center.

Domestic Shipments (US)

These are being sent by USPS mail. It's mostly very fast, arriving within 2-3 days. However it is our experience that a small number of packages will fall through the cracks, and tracking will not update. Often those packages end up arriving, taking as long as 3-4 weeks. I know it sucks, please work with us and allow some time to see if it shows up. If they don't make it by 4 weeks, we'll make sure to send you a replacement.

When shipping carriers lose packages or don't scan or update the tracking, customers accuse us of not shipping and lying, and honestly, that hurts, because what would be the point in doing that. I'd rather you be happy with a Marksmith in your hand and showing it off to your friends.  So we will make sure that you get yours no matter what it takes.


Daniel & Team Engineerable

Production Marksmith Videos
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jun 18, 2021 at 01:26:51 AM

Enough reading, I made some videos for you.

Watch this video to see the appearance and function of the final production Marksmith.

Watch this video to see how we are inspecting, assembling, packing, and shipping them out to you!


Daniel and Team Engineerable

Gr5 MARKSMITH Have Arrived!!! Make Sure Address Is Up To Date!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Jun 08, 2021 at 09:37:23 PM

And they are fantastic! Everything I have ever dreamed of! Well worth the wait!

The MARKSMITH Gr5 titanium markers landed at our shop today, and we've been inspecting and assembling them. They are perfect. The machine shop has done an excellent job. The inner bore is cleanly machined and the motion of the bolt slide is smooth. The strive for perfection was worth it.

YES! There are actually Marksmiths in those boxes!

The Marksmiths arrive as empty titanium shells. We add the cartridge, inspect for cosmetics and function, test the action and add an additional cartridge in the box.

Throwing in the gloves at the end of a long day of assembly and inspection

Just a short update. We're going to start shipping these in a few days.

Update Your Address

If you've moved recently and haven't already updated your address, please do so through Backerkit. We will be locking down surveys shortly.


Daniel and Team Engineerable 

Gr5 MARKSMITH Are On Their Way To Us!
about 2 months ago – Sat, May 29, 2021 at 03:00:24 AM

The machine shop has shipped the Gr5 Marksmiths to us, so we should be receiving those in a few days.

Here's a picture they sent of the MARKSMITH being packed up for shipping. Many updates ago it appeared that the packaging was delaying the shipping, but after the Gr2 fiasco, the packaging has been sitting around waiting to be filled with the new Gr5 Marksmiths.

I'm proud of our new SOUL BUILT logo designed for us by MARKSMITH backer, EDC enthusiast, and awesome designer, Arvid Al Chalabi (see his Youtube here) who helped with the logo and box design layout. It was awesome to get a passionate Marksmith backer on board to help out with that. I'll reveal more about the meaning of the logo and how we arrived at this design in a future update.

Here's part of the order ready to ship. I mean it could be anyone's boxes, but I have to give them the benefit of the doubt that these are in fact the boxes that are being shipped to us.

What has happened since the last update?

I've been checking in with them on a regular basis. 

On the 14th they updated that they were still working on them.

On the 17th, they update that they were not yet finished with all the parts, and this was the current state of completion. The pictures are just the top layer of parts in the storage boxes. There are many more parts not shown underneath.

Tips were completed.

The bore in the body (that problematic deep hole) and the internal threading was complete. Had to finish the rounded end and add the slot for the clip bolt.

The slides were completed.

And there was still a lot of hand finishing to do to the parts for the surface finish.

On the 25th they update that the parts were finished machining and surface treatment and were being cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner to remove dirt and oil from the manufacturing process. Then they would be assembled and packaged. This is the blurry picture I received (but the markers look great).

Then yesterday they said they were shipped and sent the images of the packaging shown in the beginning of this update.

I look forward to receiving them within a few days and start shipping them out.

Thank you for your continued patience,

Daniel and Team Engineerable